Saturday, December 19, 2009

100 days to go...

So we've reached the 26 week mark, which means 100 days to go (I guess). Quite frankly, I wouldn't know how many weeks I am if it weren't for the 'ticker' on my own blog. It's funny how once you reach that 20 week mark and the milestone of finding out your baby's gender passes, you begin to lose track of time. I get bigger with every passing second, but I know I've got a long ways to go, so I might as well stop thinking about it. Ironically, I've found that it's then when the time really flies by!

I forced Adam to take a 26 week picture for me, but after probably 10 different attempts (all failed due to my own 'size insecurities') I decided to go with this one. It sort of explains how I've been feeling. I'm really not as grumpy as I appear, but I can't seem to feel one ounce of camera-readiness these days. Every shot was followed by me saying, "wow, I look really fat from that angle, try another one" or "yuck, what's with my horrible haircut" or "ok, that's just plain ugly". Adam was getting slightly frustrated, but being the good man that he is kept telling me each one was 'fine'.

As far as a doctor update... I went yesterday and had the usual - weight, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - blood pressure - belly measurement - and fetal heartbeat, which was as strong as ever! I also had my glucose test this month... hopefully my gestational diabetes test comes back A-OK... I might just die if I can't have my usual daily intake of sugar! All is well in baby land though! He just keeps cooking... if only I could stop him from kicking me CONSTANTLY! :) He's going to be a busy boy!

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