Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happiness Is...

1. A baby boy who slept from 7pm until 7am last night - that's 12 straight hours folks! I am loving my "supplemental-formula-feed" right before bedtime. It seems to do the trick, to say the least!


2. Spending the afternoon with my family at Pam's pool! Pam and I would spend countless hours at her pool every summer and my fear was that my swimmin' days were over. But, I was pleasently mistaken.
Wil was amazing! His pool gear is a little big right now, but still adorable. His day consisted of a nap in his carseat (under an umbrella), a bottle at half-time, and a couple of quick swims. He doesn't seem to mind the water, but he gets chilly pretty quickly... So he'd return to his umbrella to watch the trees blow and listen to the kids play in the water. Adam, Pam, and I were thoroughly impressed by his stamina. He was a peach the entire time! Mommy got to swim for nearly three hours! What a good baby!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

Adam's big project this spring was to extend our brick patio and build a deck. He started two weeks after Wil was born... just 6 weeks later, it was all finished! I am so proud of him! I can't believe he did this almost entirely by himself! Unfortunately, I didn't capture him extending the patio, which was probably the hardest part, but take a look at the following - it's pretty impressive! :)

And so it began... the first posts were placed in the ground.
With a little help from Lance...
and Adam's Dad - the deck is taking shape!
Let the landscaping begin!
The finished product - AMAZING!
I added the two hanging baskets on the corner... of course Adam actually "hung" them!
A view from our sliding glass door in the dining room! Again, I added the potted flowers - it's not much, but it's all I could be in charge of (I was mostly on Baby Duty)!
I told you my husband rocks!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Who wears short shorts?

It's 90 degrees today... we had to pull out the shorts! However, Wil's 0-3 month shorts nearly reach his ankles (of course) so I found these "Newborns" check that... I mean "Preemies" that my BFF Liz got us a few weeks back. They're a little short, to say the least (sorry for the crotch shot, HaHaHa). Wil was apparently NOT a fan - he's just like his Daddy and will inevitably where jeans all the time. I think they're cute though, especially when paired with a shark t-shirt!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wil's World

Take a look at some of Wil's favorite things to do around the house...
Hang out with Daddy!
Go for rides in the truck AND work in the garage!
Relax outside.
Watch afternoon TV (Oprah of course), but Wil LOVES cartoons too!
And take naps!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Adam and Wil have been on a mission lately to find a "Burley" at a rummage sale. You know... one of those fancy, pull-behind-your-bike, trailer-tent-like contraptions you can put your kid in?!?!? Adam thinks Wil would really enjoy it, but actaully it's hard to keep Adam off of his new bike, so I think he really wants one so he can ride all the time with his new best friend!

Unfortunately, after a day of rummaging last Friday, the boys were unsuccessful in their search. Leave it to my man to improvise though! Of course I only let them leave the driveway for a few seconds (out of fear), but it was quite clever and a lot of fun for both!

It's interesting that my 2 month old little boy is already terrifying me with his fearlessness...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fun!

I visited my first graders at school today and while I was gone Wil and Adam spent some quality time together. They went for a ride in the truck, took a walk around the neighborhood (apparently it's city-wide rummage sale weekend here in DeForest), listened to music in the garage, and took pictures. Here's one that Adam shared with me when I got home.
It looks like fun was had by all... a smiling baby means a happy Daddy!

We also decided to have a cook-out today and invited our friends Bob & Steph, Lance and of course Pam! Wil met Pam when he was only a few days old, but apparently he remembered her well! He thinks she's absolutely hilarious and he just couldn't stop smiling at her! It must be her bubbly personality - Wil thinks she's pretty great! Lucky for Mommy, Steph snuggled Wil most of the night and put him to sleep too! Friends are great!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

So last night after nearly 2 hours of fussiness, I decided to put Wil's fabulous Jumperoo together for him. I realize he's not even two months old and needs to grow another 6 inches before his little feet can touch the ground to jump, but I was a little desparate. So, I huffed and puffed, struggled and thought very hard (Adam was working late) and finally got it put together. I had to stuff blankets around the little squirt just to keep him sat up! Unfortunately, Wil was not at all thrilled... even with me ooing and cooing about it! It was time for bed, that's for sure! :)
This morning, after a yummy bottle and some happy time with Mommy, we decided to give our new toy another try. Of course Wil is not old enough to entertain himself here, so Gravel and I sat next to him, sang with the music and fun lights, and kept him bouncing! Much to our surprise... Wil LOVED it!

Aaah, that's much better Cutie! What a difference a day makes!

Family Fun!

Adam and I were in a wedding last weekend in DePere (Congrats Ryan and Michelle!). Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to take a family picture when everyone was looking so spiffy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new part-time job...

So lately most of my day is spent trying to make Wil smile. We're beginning to master this skill and although I can get quite a few a day - it's been really hard to capture them with my camera. The flash (which I can't figure out how to turn off) really throws him for a loop. Usually his eyes are closed and his adorable smile turns into an annoyed frown. Here's what I've got so far! I live for this, which is why it's my new job; the pay is not monetary, instead it's shear joy!
He's so happy! Could I love him anymore?!?!?!