Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now Starring... In 3-D!

So I've wanted to do this 3-D Ultrasound thing for some time now. Let's just say it's been a guilty obsession for me. I've talked to co-workers who've tried it and thought it was amazing. I did some research and actually found a fairly good price at one of the local clinics here in Madison. Ok, ok, it's not really a clinic, more like an office, and the good price, well that depends on who you ask... You see the average person has 1-2 ultrasounds at a hospital/clinic. It's extremely inpersonal and too the point, which is fine for most, but I figured I'm only going to be pregnant for the first time once! Our families agreed, so on Friday night WE ALL went to get a glimpse of our little bundle in 3-D.

They set us all up in a nice room full of compfy couches and a big screen TV for our families to enjoy the view. I laid on a bed and the ultra-sound tech got to work, first finding Wil in 2-D. He may be a thumb sucker upon birth, but he hasn't yet learned that his entire fist won't fit!

Then the tech. switched to 3-D - WOW! The images were quite amazing - once we could figure out what we were looking at! Here is a glimpse of Wil's face! Can you see it?!?! We were pleased to see that he's quite the porker! He's got great big cheeks, a double-chin, and full lips!

We also found out some interesting facts... He is indeed a boy - the proof is in the pictures (which I promised Adam NOT to share with the entire world). He weighs 3lbs. 15oz., which is HUGE; almost 1lb. bigger than he's suppose to be! The ultra-sound tech. predicted that this baby may come sooner than we planned too!

Overall, we had a great night! We got quite a few glimpses of his face and a great shot of his little feet... However, we found out quickly that our boy was not at all up for this invasion of privacy - his Dad thinks he's shy and doesn't really like a lot of attention all at once!

So, after about 10 good minutes of taking pictures, the rest of our images looked like this! Wil wanted nothing to do with the camera. In fact, he covered his face with his fists, hands, and arms for most of the viewing!
Two arms complete with dimpled elbows completely covering his face!

One entire hand resting on his nose!

One fist up in the air... imagine a little middle finger up as well, to express how he's really feeling.

Lesson Learned: Wil is a bit shy and quite stubborn. The good news - we get to go back in 2 weeks (free of charge) to see if we can get some better shots! YIPPEE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Additions!

Adam and I enjoyed a fun-filled day of shopping yesterday! We were working on our "registry", but couldn't resist buying a few things for ourselves... it feels like my showers (yes, plural) are so far away and I'm getting sooooo excited.

So, here's the first item - a sweet little rocker placed perfectly in Wil's room.

And here's to my new obsession - Strollers! Or as my friend Betsy's little one Katelyn calls them Slollers! I never quite understood a Mom's joy for strollers until now! This one is great! It's super light and quite durable. Not only that, but talk about versatile! You can place your infant carseat in it when the baby is little...

and then, of course, use it as is when he's big enough. I believe this stroller is one for 'jogging', but I plan to use it for brisk walks!

I'm sure we'll get plenty of use out of it this summer. Until then, you may find me roaming around my neighborhood pushing it with a dog next to me. Not necessarily because it's so fun, but I've read that it's important to get your pet use to all of these new baby contraptions slowly! Probably so he doesn't go insane sniffing and jumping on them while I toat around my little man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Husband's Delight

It's the little things I guess. Adam was pleasently surprised, I was not at all shocked nor inspired - I knew it would balance.

We got a great laugh and Adam has an all-time beer holder. My favorite part... Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking while he watches you?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just another perk!

For those of you with weak stomachs... LOOK AWAY! These are my legs! Aaaaahhhh!

I hardly recognize my body from the waist, take that back, from the chest down! I've had skinny, chicken legs my whole life and really no distinct calves, until now! Generally speaking my legs look like this everyday after work, but this was hours after returning home. The swelling never really goes down and is sometimes even worse - apparently I don't do enough sitting! I really love the sock indentation too! LOL!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Whatchoo got in there?

'Tis report card season in first grade, which means I've been quite busy at the office! We decided to have a Pajama/Popcorn/Movie Party to end an intense 2 weeks of assessments... down below, you'll see what I wore - it was GREAT! I was finally comfortable at school, which hasn't been the case lately.

As we were lining the kids up to head back from the movie, I had an absolutely hilarious conversation with Julieta, one of the Spanish speaking students in first grade! It may be the best baby discussion I've had yet! It went as follows:

Julieta (in broken English) - "Mrs. Geurts, whatchoo got in there?"
Me (looking down & realizing she's pointing at my stomach) - "What?"
Julieta - "You put a ball in your shirt?"
Me - "No, no, no Julieta. I have a baby in there."
Julieta - "In your shirt?!?!?!"
Me - "No. In my tummy."
Julieta - "Under the skin?!??!!?"
Me - "Yes. I'm going to have a baby."
Julieta - "Eeeeewwwwaaaahhhhh!" (A long pause) "Can I see under it?"
Me - "No."
Julieta - "Are you going to get it out of there?"
Me - "Oh, it looks like we're going back to our classrooms now. See you later Julieta!" (Saved by the bell so to speak... no one wants to discusss child birth with someone else's 7 year old).

I guess it's a good thing that I've been able to pull off hiding this pregnancy in the eyes of Julieta since September... it's like she never even noticed my belly growing! Here's to making it to 30 weeks!

Monday, January 4, 2010

28 weeks: Trimester 3 Folks!

So, here it is... the 28 week picture. I thought this shot was particularly interesting because I am wearing the same outfit as I did in my 18 week picture. You can look back to my October posts to view the first and see how things have changed in the last 10 weeks. It is rather surprising to Adam and I! Many of you have commented on how 'small' I look, perhaps comparing pictures will change your mind! :)

28 weeks means more doctor appointments too - every two weeks to be exact! First things first, my glucose screening came back fine (thank God!) so I WILL NOT be limiting my daily sugar consumption, but I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Scladzien again on Friday. Perhaps now that Wil's getting bigger, she'll be able to shed some light on his position in my belly. I can never figure out what I'm feeling. I often say to Adam, "feel here... Do you think it's his butt?" or "I think this is an elbow 'cause it's hard and pointy!" He's been rather small over the last few months so it's been hard to determine just what is what... maybe now she can tell me what to look and feel for... fun stuff!

Just one more tidbit - I like to call this picture "A View from the Top!". Here's what I see everyday when trying to determine if my socks match, how swollen my feet are, or if I need to shave my legs. That's right - I see nothing. I'm all belly unless I bend over of course, which is getting mighty tricky these days! HaHaHa