Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Fun!

Look alive, son. Look alive!
This IS fun, ya know.
Shoveling (finally) with your most favorite person in the whole wide world.
I think he's pretty happy that you're big enough to join him.
 And... Christmas Cookie Decorating!
 Bring on the sprinkles!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

200th Post!

Still hard at work... feeding the dog!
He deserves at medal for keeping up with this daily chore.
Momma's little helper. All the time!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pooped Out Packer Fans

Cheering for our winning Packers sure does make these two tired!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dress Up

Don't tell my husband, but my son and his friends are thoroughly enjoying dress-up time. I've brought out some old dance costumes and the boys just can't get enough of them! What could be cuter than this?
Well, maybe this.
Who needs a little girl when your little BOY looks like this on a daily basis?
I just can't take him out of the house in this attire.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yeah. Not a whole lot of love this year. He was freaked! I predicted this reaction, which is why we ventured to the Library for a free visit rather than standing in line at the mall to pay for this picture.
Typical almost-two-year-old behavior. At least he wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs while I simultaneously shoved him on this poor man's lap and then ran from the picture to capture this moment. Isn't it strange how some people do that? Sorry if you're one of them, but let it go already!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Adam found a salamander in a man-hole at work today. He brought it home for Wil... you know, like for a pet. I've never seen a salamander before. I don't want one. But, they both insisted we keep it.
Thank God for Google.
Now I know what a salamander eats & how to care for it.
Although, I WILL NOT be the person caring for it.
I have decided that it's a girl.
We've yet to pick a name.
Wil loves her (too much, really).
Hopefully she lives longer than our fish named Dorothy (one night).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Wil Weekend!

Last weekend, we took Wil to "Discover the Dinosaurs" at the Alliant Energy Center. Super expensive! Not very cool (in my opinion), but then there was this:
Every reason in the world to spend all that money!
My little boy was shocked, completely mesmerized and only a little bit terrified.
We told Wil to enjoy every minute of it because next year he'll be 2, which means 8 more bucks for us, which also means we won't be going. All your $6 parking pass and $12 addmission got you was the ability to see about 20 pretend dinos. If you wanted to play in the bouncy houses, play a round of mini-golf, work at a craft station, or say, get your face painted it was EXTRA. What, extra?!? It's true. Again, this was worth it.
After we had seen all of the dinosaurs (fifteen minutes after arriving) I was getting a little nervous. What else could we do? Luckily we were able to keep Wil away from all of the fun EXTRAS, so he was clueless about what he was truly missing. Then, in the back of the 'room' I saw it. It was sent to me just as panic was setting in. A toddler area complete with small, kid-friendly, climb-able dinosaurs. "Do you think that's free", I asked Adam. "Looks like it," he responded. "Hurry! Let's do it!!!"
Phew! Score!
He does look a little nervous though.
Don't worry, Wil. These ones don't move and growl.

On Sunday, we were happy to learn about the Holiday Train Parade at Olbrich Gardens. Only $3 and TONS of trains for Wil to watch. Gotta love how excited he is! We spent WAAAAY less money & Wil had just as much fun.
I was reminded that a one year old really isn't that demanding. All he needs is something fun to see and some Mommy & Daddy time!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I love this time of year!

You know me, I just can't get enough of Christmas time. Each year, my decorating and tree-getting festivities get moved up; if I keep this up, I'll be one of those folks who start decorating in July. This year we went on Thanksgiving day to find the perfect tree.

Bless my poor husband, who I would never describe as Scrooge, but always a little less inspired than myself. Here we are traveling far and wide in search of the perfect tree.
Wil was not as excited as me either. About 20 steps in, he was asking, "bup?"
We found it! Wil, you cut it down.
Yes. My husband gave our 1 year old the saw.
Luckily for me, he had no idea what to do with it.
Huffin' it back to the truck.
I was carrying the kid.
He's not small.
Whatcha doin' Daddy?
Wil's always right up his dad's rear. HaHaHa!
Please let me take your picture Wil!
The final product. Loooove!
One month to go!
P.S. I'm enjoying your little arms behind your back, Mister.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just the two of us...

We had some family pictures taken a few weeks back. FINALLY, someone else taking pictures of my son! I don't get many like this (I'm always the one behind the camera):
Love that face!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Boy...

Ch-Ch-Changes! I've decided now is as good a time as any to make the switch from baby room (crib) to big boy room (toddler bed) for my boy. I debated for weeks about when to make the switch, knowing that BEFORE his brother comes and simultaneously takes over his life would probably be the best idea.

So... my dad came. We painted ~ blue (and I mean BLUE). We moved furniture in and out, hung adorable 'boy' artwork, and made sure everything was perfect. I'm insane, just ask my husband, but I really wanted to make sure this new space was special for Wil... did I mention he's sharing it with his brother?!?

Here's the final product - ADORABLE, I think!

Of course, I was terrified to place my child in that big boy bed. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to cry. He's just too small, right?!? Adam thought he'd be fine. After we took apart the crib to move it, Adam actually prepared it for the baby... you know, with the matress up nice and high. I asked Adam what we were going to do if Wil was miserable and wanted his bed back, to which Adam responded, "he'll have to deal. I'm not taking this crib apart again, unless it's to sell it".

So, there you go. My baby was moving to this big boy bed whether WE liked it or not.

The first night I snuggled him all in. We read 5 stories. I turned out the light and turned ON his new blue car nightlight. I shut the door and brought the baby monitor to the living room with me (I haven't used that thing for a good year). I listened, certain I would hear crying or the dreaded "Mommyyyyyy".

Instead we heard singing, stories being read, talking, some banging (I later learned to remove EVERYTHING that is so adorably placed on his dresser out of arms length). And then... nothing. "Do you think he's sleeping", I asked Adam. "Yep. Sounds like it", he replied.

So I creeped up the stairs and sure enough, there he was... sleeping with a book and a sippy cup in his little hand. He slept the entire night. His normal 11 hours (yes, my son rocks). He never tried to get out (I have him convinced that he'll get an owie if he tries). He never made a sound.

The next morning, I was woke by the baby monitor by more singing, talking and banging.
I found this:
Just my baby. Sitting in his bed. Reading books. "Hi", he said as I came in.
"Wil. I love you", I thought!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Painting Projects!

I've decided to start caring for a couple of little boys in the neighborhood part-time. Mostly because I love each of them, but also because I know it's important for Wil to be around other kiddos. He's learning to share his time with his Mommy, which will be a requirement soon enough.

One of Wil's new favorite things to do is PAINT, which I will admit, NEVER happened before I had other peoples' children in my home.
Here's why:

1.) It's messy & I cannot seem to keep up with my little man.

2.) My son eats everything. Everything.
 Do you see those streaks of yellow on the table? I think Wil assumed it was "dippy" because he just kept sticking his little finger in it and licking it up! Yuck!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Then and Now.

I've been having so much fun going through all of Wil's baby clothes; his little bother has 12 boxes of clothing to get him through his first year of life, which is definitely a perk with having two of the same! These boxes have gotten me so excited. I cannot wait to snuggle my new little man in all of these adorable, teeny clothes!

However, I am reminded (again) how quickly time flies. After washing one load of baby gear, I threw a load of Wil's laundry in too. Check this out:
Wil's jammies!
He barely fit into that little green number when we was born.
Now he wears those GIANT jammies!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's A...

Isn't he the cutest?! We were shocked, but we are so, so excited!!
And yes, it's official... I'm completely outnumbered! Forever.
Good thing I'm the boss around here!
Can I borrow your daughter, just to buy the cute clothes?!?!
I'll return her when I'm all done. I promise!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

20 Weeks!

I can't believe we're half-way there! I'm not nearly as good at posting belly bump pics this time around. Of course, I had a little person who wanted to be in the picture too. "Cheeeeese!"

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween... Year 2!

Wil was a monkey for Halloween this year. His favorite song is "5 Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed", so it was the obvious choice.
 He LOVED trick-or-treating and much to our surprise, was able to say "trick-or-treat", "candy" and of course "thank you" after each visit around the hood. He was so happy to look in his bucket to find a new little something after every house we visited. Adam's worried he may start trick-or-treating every day!

 The BEST thing about our neighborhood... OUR NEIGHBORS! Here are just a few we met along the way... Charlie & her little brother Levi (fellow monkey).
Good buddy, Rowan!
 Wil's besties - Tyler and Bryce from across the street!
 It was a loooong night, but Wil hung in there until the end. So much fun!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pony Play

Wil found my stash of  "My Little Ponies" downstairs in the play room. He thought he'd check them out... don't tell his Dad! At first, he enjoyed standing them all up in rows and gently combing their hair. He kept saying, "ooooh!"

Then came this:
There's the little BOY I know.
Beat them all down with a sword while screaming.

Monday, October 24, 2011

This is new...

He has a good year before he'll be forced out of his highchair by his baby brother or sister, but I'm happy to see him taking some interest in sitting at the table. I only wish he'd be interested in sleeping in something other than his crib... I'll be needing that shortly. Poor guy. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun

This weekend, we tried to cram in everything "Fall" we could possibly think of... petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and Halloween at the Zoo. It seems like we've been busy every weekend, so it was nice to spend this one together... just the three of us!

We traveled to Eugster's Farm on Saturday.
 We met some animals.
Wil thought this horse was magnificent!
He kept yelling, "neighhhhh!!"
 Wil experienced his first maze - little kid style. Perfection!
 The hay was the best part... throwing it, of course.
 He also got to milk a cow. A fake cow. Strange, but fun!
 Much love was shown to the goats.
He grabbed their faces like they were his dog.
Not good. They bite. He didn't care, of course.
 We took a loooong wagon ride out to a pumpkin patch.
 And got to "ride" on 3 different tractors. Awesome!

On Sunday, we took Wil to "Halloween at the Zoo".
Complete chaos.
I'd heard about it all week & thought I NEEDED to take my son. You got to wear your costume & trick-or-treat too! When we arrived, they were corraling hundreds (yes, hundreds) of
people into huge lines to trick-or-treat. We got out ~ FAST!
Adam told Wil he'd buy him a bag of candy instead.
Wil enjoyed visiting the animals and he looked adorable dressed as a monkey!
 It was tricky to take pictures because he's always so mesmerized by the animals. At this point, he couldn't take his eyes off the seals. Poor Momma. I never get a good picture.
Oh well, we had fun, but only stayed an hour. Did I mention it was crazy?