Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Showers!

Let it rain! The Geurts' have been one blessed family over the last week - we've had 3, yes 3 baby showers for our little one! Last weekend, I headed to Richland Center where I was 'showered' with gifts for Wil. I had a great time chatting with family and friends, ate some yummy food, and of course received a plethora of delightful baby gifts.

Last Tuesday, my co-workers (Jean and Nicole) surprised me with an intimate shower at our favorite Verona cafe where we visited, had plenty of laughs and once again... enjoyed a gift-opening session. I am one lucky first grade teacher with amazing work friends.

This weekend, Adam and I traveled up north to DePere where Adam's Mom had planned yet another adorable shin-dig full of baby surprises.

As of now, our house feels like one fit for a baby! We have just about everything we need... and then some! It's starting to feel much more real as I look into Wil's closet and see it stuffed full of adorable clothes. Or when I get a towel from my linen closet and see a stack of baby wash clothes and hooded towels. Or when I watch my husband wrestle a baby sling that he plans to use at the dog park that doen't quite fit his Daddy frame. Bring on the baby... we're ready!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for Spring...

Rain showers, the green grass, and warmer weather cannot come soon enough for the Geurts family. Spring means a lot over here - Adam can work outside whenever he wants (finding plenty to do as usual), Gravel can go to the dog park and stay longer than 15 minutes (due to a freezing Mom), and our little boy will be here!

Until then we wait...

Don't worry, Adam can always find things to do! In one day he insulated his entire garage and removed all of the Christmas lights he had so pain-stakingly put up months before. What a guy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, hello there smiley!

We had our second 3-D Ultrasound today. This time Wil cooperated a little bit better than the last... I love this picture because he's smiling and you can see a little dimple, just like his Daddy.

He's a very sleepy boy. He prefers to be snuggled up as close to my belly as possible, with his hands next to his cheeks at all times! This, of course is adorable, but a wee bit frustrating when you're trying to capture pictures of his entire face. He's always squished too close to me!

Here he is trying to suck his thumb... again. Shortly after this attempt he came down with a major spell of the hiccups, poor guy.

I think I have a problem already. I keep posting multiple pictures of my child - in the womb... Can you imagine how many pictues you people will be looking at when he's actually here?!?!?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

33 Weeks & Counting!

Adam and I can hardly believe we have less than 50 days to go until the arrival of our little boy. We spent the ENTIRE weekend (yes, two full days) at Child Birth class, which was actually quite informative. I think we just might be able to do this after all... as if we really had a choice. :)

Hopefully the next 7 weeks will fly by, but in the mean time we're looking forward to spending time with family, friends, and each other before the big day! I'll try to keep you posted as I, or should I say "Wil and I" continue to grow. Until then, here's a glimpse... is it possible to get any bigger?!?! Probably.