Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One man's trash...

is another man's treasure!

Jayce has been experimenting with some of Wil's old toys.

The Jumperoo!
The picture's blurry and my son looks a bit intoxicated,
but it's because he LOVES bouncing up and down.
He's literally laughing out loud in this picture!

Clothes! We just opened BOX 2 of 8.
It's labeled Summer 2012 (0-6 months).
I was so excited to get rid of a box of clothes.
Then I realized, I needed to put Wil's Winter clothes away...
So, my BOX "Summer 2012 (0-6 months clothes)" was re-labeled ~
Winter 2013-2014 (18-24 months).
Someday I will have a MASSIVE rummage sale!

Jayce has also been spending some time in the Bumbo seat.
Remember that!?! Wil loved it!
Jayce, not so much.
He enjoys the toys I place in front of him for a few moments.
Then, the crying begins.
Today, he cried himself to sleep.
Then I felt guilty. But, it's pretty cute!

Wil's not quite sure if he's ready to give all of these things up, though.

When I put Jayce down for a nap (after he snuggled up in his Bumbo), Wil thought it was his turn to sit in it. I tried to explain he was too big. He was mighty frustrated when he couldn't get out!

Then we both laughed about it.

Jayce is even trying to steal Wil's best buds from the neighborhood!
Tyler and Bryce love to hang out with Jayce, but Wil's in luck...
they realize sooner or later that he's really not a whole barrel of fun for too long.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Keep on, Keepin' On!

This post may be a little bit obnoxious, but you're just getting so big, Jayce! You can do so much too. We have been having so much fun with you so I just had to share some great pictures.

Here you are chilling out on the counter (away from your brother a bit, who inevitably pulls up a chair to be right next to you).

We're even hearing a few giggles and LOTS of talking to yourself!
I just love that HUGE smiley face!
I can't believe that I ever thought you may never smile at me. It absolutely makes my day. I'm bursting with delight whenever I see it (get use to it... I'll be feeling this way EVERYTIME you do something new that we weren't sure you'd do!)

Your silly brother. You love him, but always want to make sure you've got one eye on him.

Ooooh, those two big dimples.
 You've been digging your Tummy Time lately too. Last Wednesday, while Grandma was visiting you decided to roll over! Yep, 9 weeks old and already rolling over. Well, not rolling over... "rolled over", as in once. I'm not sure you realized you even did it, but you've been trying to figure out how it happened ever since. I think you're trying to prove me wrong already. Like, relax Mom, I'm just fine. I can do everything a regular kid can do!
Last week, we had MANY appointments. You visited your doctor for your 2 month check-up. You weighed over 9 pounds, had two yucky shots (and a blood draw), and showed Dr. Skladzien everything you could do.

We were visited by the Birth To 3 program where you were given a brief evaluation testing your fine motor, gross motor, and communication skills. You scored perfectly! You're doing everything a 2 month old should be. No developmental delays yet! At this time, you will not be receiving any OT or PT, but your Speech Pathologist is coming to do some more tests next week. It'll be interesting to see how a Speech Therapist works with a 2 month old...

You were circumcised (finally). Yuck!

You also had your first MRI (horrible for a Mommy to watch). We met with the Neuro Surgeon who has been watching you closely to make sure that your brain bleed did not turn into hydrocephalus, which can cause pressure on the brain. The doctor walked in last Thursday, sat down and said, "he's normal, you can go home now". Just like that. What?!? I've been freaking out about this for two months and you tell me this?!? Yep. "He's fine". Of course, I had some questions (even though your Dad wanted to run ~ if a neuro surgeon tells you your child is fine, you leave... NO QUESTIONS, I guess). We'll visit him again when you're 6 months old, but he doesn't think we ever need to do another MRI. He's really not worried about you. This is GOOD! That's all I'm going to write. I'm trying to be less worried about things... we've have no crystal ball, but you continue to get great reports and continue to AMAZE us!

Knock on wood, but I think you may just be OK, Jayce. It's the first time since you've been born that I'm actually letting myself believe this. With everything they prepared us for back in February, it was hard to imagine a growing, happy baby. We just weren't sure what would be. Now that time is passing (still rather slowly, if you ask me) I'm starting to see you as "normal". I don't like to use that word, but all Moms know what I mean by "normal".  Of course, there's the hearing, which reminds us that you really were/are fighting a virus, but gosh, maybe this really will be it. OK, I'm going to stop saying that because I'm already getting nervous that I may be jinxing myself. Yep, I'm still a bit of a wreck.

In other fun news, here's your brother, rocking his Off Road Racer T-shirt.

AND... his pink toes.
How could I resist when your brother says, "oooh, nice Momma. Me please?"