Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving... Round 2!

Adam and I traveled to Richland Center on Thanksgiving Day to spend time with my family. We met for turkey dinner at Grandma Shirley's house and as usual, we all ate our share! Unfortunately, I was too involved in conversation with my Aunts and Cousins (and Adam was too involved with football) to take pictures.... sometimes I'm really good at bringing out the old camera and other times I completely forget! Oh well. Our time together was great - it was so nice to see everyone and get caught up!
In addition to our Thanksgiving Fun, Adam and I continued our own Geurts Family Tradition that we started last year... the Christmas tree find! We headed to Schaller's Tree Farm (in Richland Center) where we ventured off, saw in hand, to pick out the perfect tree. Gravel too loves this tradition, of course we can't ever leave him behind.
We looked and looked for the perfect one.... and then, as if a golden beam shined down upon it, we see it. PERFECTION! Not too big. Not too small. Full and very green!

And then the fun begins!

Notice how efficient I am with my camera now... just as the heavy work starts! What are husbands for - mine might just be the toughest one around too!

First, Adam saws it down... apparently it had an abnormally large trunk!

Then, Adam and Gravel drag it back to the truck!

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