Monday, November 16, 2009

Sharing the NEWS has been so much fun!

Adam and I spent most of last weekend calling friends and family to let them know that Baby is officially a boy. I started the day Saturday with my Mom. We went shopping for Baby and I received one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. It was a poem entitled "My Baby Boy and Me". The poem was given to my Mom almost 23 years ago from her sister Dawn (Aunt Dawnie). Dawn had written the poem for her when my brother Tony was born. My Mom tried to explain a mother's bond with her little boy... we both teared up in the car and decided we needed to keep shopping before things got worse! We're both a little emotional these days...
We also got a wonderful gift from Grandma and Grandpa Geurts on Saturday... "It's a Boy" cookies - does Debbie know me or what?!?! We ate them up in one day!

Gravel thought this was a great gift too. We're not sure if he gets it that he's going to have a brother in 4 months, but he knew something special was happening. He's always ready to celebrate!

Of course we couldn't resist giving him a bite! We all thought they were mighty delicious!

I also had a ton of fun telling my first graders that a little boy is responsible for my growing belly. I had to leave them early on Friday to get to my appointment, so I promised to surprise them with cookies on Monday - blue if we found out we were having a boy and pink if it was a girl. Of course when they arrived today they wanted their cookies!
We started with a little survey... "Who is growing in Mrs. Geurts' belly - a boy baby or a
girl baby?"

As you can see, I had a rather high boy vote. I should tell you that I have 11 boys in my class and 6 girls - one of which was absent today, so you can imagine who voted for who! HAHA!

As I showed them the container of cookies I had made, a loud shriek could be heard from miles around followed by many "Woohoos" and "We Wons!" from my boys... of course, they made it into a competition. I asked them what they had won and their response was, "boys are always right!" Us girls just giggled and I gave them their cookies last, "haha boys", we said!
The excitement lasted all day! Here they all stand with blue frosted and sprinkled sugar cookies in their hands.

Mmmmm! Tasty!

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