Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Adam and I traveled up north to DePere this weekend to help Kayla move into her beautiful new home and to celebrate a family wedding. The wedding was on Halloween, so it was a costume party! I must admit... it's been a while since I've dressed up. My days of making 'naughty' costumes to tromp around State Street in are surely over. I've traded those days in for a large, potato-sack-like outfit that allows me to stuff my face with yummy chicken and potatoes.
Adam and I found this hilarious 'plug and outlet' couples number online & were happy to find it at a local Halloween shop. It was rather bland, so both of us tried to jazz it up a bit!

I added some glitter (always a necessity for Halloween), shock bolts, leggings, and gold gloves. Adam, on other hand, was REALLY inspired; you can tell if you know Adam at all - he rarely gets overly excited about much of anything and NEVER wants to draw attention to himself.

Adam's costume was merely a plug (to-be-inserted into my outlet of course... hehehe), but Adam was determined to be a lamp. His Dad and him worked hard on the Wal-Mart lamp shade we purchased. The lamp shade was actually hot-glued to a red hard hat (you never know what you'll find in Andy Geurts' garage)! He then glued two small flashlights inside the lamp so he could light up when he was "plugged in"! He completed the look with a black long underwear set and Hallween socks from Auntie Tina! I can honestly say I've never been more proud of his bravery! I could tell he was extremely uncomfortable (he did need 5 beers upon arrival before he was comfortable greeting anyone)...but he did it!

Stay tuned for more costumes that were captured on Halloween Night...

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