Sunday, September 2, 2012

6 Months...

Is it possible? Yes! It's true! You are officially 6 months old Mr. Jayce. In fact, I missed it! I didn't even write you a Happy 1/2 Birthday post. Oh no. Bad Mommy! I have all of these fabulous media outlets (Facebook, I-Phone, I-Pad, etc. etc. etc.) and I've been letting my little bloggy down. I am back, though and promise never again to take a one month (+) leave of absence.

Ok. Back to the nature at hand. You are one half old, Mr. Jayce! I cannot believe it! It's been a crazy 6 months, but we're not even going to go there this time. Nope! This is a happy post all about you.

You officially weigh 14lbs. 8oz. Still a peanut, but hey, just think of where you started! You're GIGANTIC, I tell ya... HUGE! You are such a joy, my little Tooters. You are always so darn happy and smiley! Colic ~ when? really? No. Not Jayce... YES! It was yucky, but you're like this completely different person these days!

You love to eat ~ pears and sweet potatoes are your favorites, but you've been diggin' the peas and peaches lately too. You love, love, love your Jumperoo. You're a maniac in that contraption and you are enjoying your Bumbo these days too. You love to be outside and go for walks. You still enjoy your Jungle Gym (laying on your back and reaching from side to side here and there to grab a toy is fun, but too easy these days). We've been working hard on rolling over more consistently and sitting up! Bring on the mobility, baby. Let's see what you've got!

I'd have to say that your most favorite things these days are your brother and your dog. You could watch these guys all day. You do, actually. Always smiling as one of them catches your eye or giggling when Wil does something funny. Speaking of Wil... he sure is fun! You love to play with him. He's "gentle" most of the time and is doing a great job sharing toys. You both enjoy building with blocks and playing cars. Well, you eat them, which is frustrating to Wil, but he'll get over it.
Wil thinks you're a big guy too. Just like him!
For your 6 month birthday, you received something mighty special... your first set of hearing aids! You were so brave as Wendy, your audiologist, placed them in your teeny, tiny ears and you responded right away when they were turned on! She was quite impressed!

You've had your hearing aids for 10 days and you're amazing! You've heard many new things for the first time: clapping, the vaccum cleaner, the lawn mower, and maybe even your brother's squeels (sorry!). Happy Birthday, my little fighter baby! Mommy Loves You!!


  1. Our amazing little Jayce!! What a joy he is. We love him more every time we see him. (If that is even possible). When I'm with him I wonder what his personality will be like as he grows older. He is always so content and happy. Now that the yucky old colic has left him that is. He makes everyone feel special as his little face lights up with a great big smile for them. Namma has a very special place in her heart for our little Naycer. So happy that this 1/2 birthday blog is filled with all the fabulous Geurt's happenings!!!Love to the 4 of you.

  2. It must have been quite a shock to those teensy sweet ears to suddenly have the volume turned up! How exciting! And happy half birthday Mr. Jayce!