Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's a school day!

"No. Me stay home-a Momma."
You're killin' me, Smalls. Today marked your sixth day of preschool and you cried. Again. You've cried nearly everyday at drop-off. Now, the teacher in me knows you're just fine. You love it there and you have to go. It's good for you to be around other kids and adults and have some structure to your day. But, the Momma in me is dying. DYING!
Why do you do this to me? This morning the tears started before we even got in the van! What makes matters even worse is that you're no longer doing the obnoxious screaming/attaching yourself to my leg deal. Nope. Now, you're just hanging your head and quietly crying big, crocodile tears and telling me you'll miss me and your "Naycer". Oh. Dear. God. You're good!
To be honest. This is all surprising to me. I thought you'd be just fine. Excited to go. Thrilled to get away from me and your loud, annoying little brother. That's how I'd feel if I were you... You are JUST like me, you know. Did you know that? Yep. It's true. You may look EXACTLY like your father, but you ACT just like me. Happy, out-going, independent... a little sassy and bossy, impatient (very easily frustrated and annoyed) and apparently EMOTIONAL.
I do recall stories about myself at your age. A story about a Mom who had to run into the bank while her two year old stayed in the car with her Dad. Apparently I cried, no screamed, as my Mom left and Dad and I drove around the block waiting for her to return. I also remember crying for a week straight while my parents went on a vacation (I stayed at my grandparents' house in Iowa). I literally clung to a tree and screamed (everyone jokes that I was 14 at the time, but I think I was more like 8). I had some issues with separating from my mother, apparently. I avoided sleep-overs too (until I met Liz and thought of Cheryl as a Mom - by then my Mom and I would do anything to be apart:).
The point of the story... it's hard being a Momma. Even when you think everything's just fine, your kid has to go and do something totally out of character. It surprises me that he's this attached to me. Most of the time, we're fighting. But, then again, my Mom and I were just the same. Too much alike, I guess.
We will get through this. It's harder on me than it is on him, I'm sure. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... He'll probably call me from college telling me he changed his mind and to come pick him up. And I'll probably tell him he's just fine and to stick it out! (Thanks, Mom)

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  1. Hey Stef, now you know why I think he is so funny!!!! But as the Namma it breaks my heart too. But I also know as a daycare provider for 20 years that he is fine and it is good for him to play with and listen to others. But he is only 2! Boy if they would only have had something to send my 14 year old to all summer- my life would have been a breeze! I do have to thank Cheryl for all those times she did let you live with the Allbaughs!Whew!