Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

My baby started preschool today (Yes. At age 2)! We were wait-listed for months and got the call early this summer that space was avialable so we jumped on it!
He was super excited to go. Last week, we bought a new backpack and filled it with all of his things ~ extra clothes, a new water bottle and pictures from home.
Here are some pictures from the Open House that was held last Thursday morning. The kids were able to come with their parents to look around, play and meet the teachers (Miss Joan and Miss Kristen). Wil and I got to go, while Grandpa stayed home with Jayce.
The loft above and kitchen below. Wil loved this spot!

Circle time for calendar, books, songs and dancing!

Another one of the kitchen!

The block area, which include MANY cars and trucks!

Birthday bulletin board... notice the fish tank.
Wil got to feed them on his first day because he was so obsessed with them!

Art supplies and easels.

The baby goats! Wil's preschool is "out in the country" (sort of).
It backs up to the woods where there are many trails, which the classes use as the year goes on.
The kids learn about caring for animals and spend A LOT of time studying nature.
This was a huge selling point for us when we were searching for the perfect preschool for him.
He's our outside guy and we knew he'd love it here!

The playground!
When we arrived at school today, Wil placed his backpack and water bottle in his cubby and then had to sign-in. We found the laminated paper with his name on it and he signed it on the line below. Good thing we've been practicing his name. He was able to find and then "write" his (W) ~ "down, up, down, up", he said. It's a blob now, but hopefully it'll get better as the year goes on!
Then, he had to place his apple in the pocket chart by matching his name to the shape on the chart. His name is always paired with a tree picture (so that he can find the image along with his name).
His job for the day was "inspector".
I have no idea what that job means (neither did Wil at pick-up time).
Maybe next time he'll have a more self-explanatory job!
We then walked outside for drop off. The kids start each day on the playground. There was a little boy crying like crazy and literally being pulled off of his mother, so Wil (along with 10 other kids that were there) was kind of nervous. It took two attempts, but finally I told him I'd be back in a minute and to have fun. With a quick kiss and a scoop up of the brother, I was outta there.
I returned just in time to spy on some group time. I couldn't stand those Moms when I taught preschool (only because it makes the kids bonkers ~ I promise I'll never do it again), but who cares... I couldn't resist! They were dancing and singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"!! Then they started a fun book.
Annnnd... He sees me.
Crap! Turn around, child! Behave!!!
He had a wonderful first day and told me it was "super fun"!
He's very excited to go again on Thursday.
I did suprisingly well too. It's the first time I've left him in over a year!
So excited for a fun school year!

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  1. I'm so excited for Wil! How fun. His new preschool looks like a great place to make friends, discover and laugh. I'm also happy for mom and dad! Enjoy your new journey.