Thursday, September 13, 2012

AND... He sits!

It's official. I'm going to say it! Jayce has been working VERY hard on sitting up lately. It seems as though he's been close for weeks, but just couldn't seem to get his balance and coordination under control, but now I think he's got it!

He's still a bit wobbly while on a super flat surface (like the hard floor), but he puts his little arms right out to hold himself up. He's also able to use that fat belly to help support that heavy head!

Here are just some of the pictures I've captured! Sorry for the overload... we just didn't know if he'd be able to sit independently, so the fact that he's doing it (and at only 6 months) is HUGE for him! Go Jayce, Go!!!
He sits in the bath tub!

 Splashing is super fun these days!

He plays with his toys in the living room!

Wild man!
Nice one, little man!
He looks a little nervous, but he's excited too, which inevitably causes him to fall over sideways!
But, his most favorite place to sit is outside on a blanket!
He loves to watch his brother play, especially when he's playing with his
remote controls!
In Wil News...
He may have had one of THE best days of his life yesterday. Our neighbors (3 boys between the ages of 6 and 11) were playing in their backyard. Wil loves to watch them, but is never brave enough to go ask if he can play too. Surprisingly, Adam was able to convince him to try last night. Wil walked right over and said, "me play, too?". Of course they said "SURE!" (THANK GOD!)
I snapped this picture from inside the house. Adam told me not to embarrass him! :)
He's getting so big!



  1. Good for you little Jayce! You never cease to amaze us. What a big boy you are! And Wil, so glad you have some new neighborhood friends. So nice of them to include you. Love to the four of you!!!

  2. Yeah for Jayce!! You are such a big boy!! Love all the cute pictures. Way to go Wil!! We are so proud you made new friends. Love ya!!

  3. These Geurt's boys are sure getting big! Big steps for both and we are all cheering you all on (from inside the house or wherever, so we don't embarass you either!). Hugs! Lana