Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happiness Is...

1. A baby boy who slept from 7pm until 7am last night - that's 12 straight hours folks! I am loving my "supplemental-formula-feed" right before bedtime. It seems to do the trick, to say the least!


2. Spending the afternoon with my family at Pam's pool! Pam and I would spend countless hours at her pool every summer and my fear was that my swimmin' days were over. But, I was pleasently mistaken.
Wil was amazing! His pool gear is a little big right now, but still adorable. His day consisted of a nap in his carseat (under an umbrella), a bottle at half-time, and a couple of quick swims. He doesn't seem to mind the water, but he gets chilly pretty quickly... So he'd return to his umbrella to watch the trees blow and listen to the kids play in the water. Adam, Pam, and I were thoroughly impressed by his stamina. He was a peach the entire time! Mommy got to swim for nearly three hours! What a good baby!

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