Sunday, May 16, 2010


Adam and Wil have been on a mission lately to find a "Burley" at a rummage sale. You know... one of those fancy, pull-behind-your-bike, trailer-tent-like contraptions you can put your kid in?!?!? Adam thinks Wil would really enjoy it, but actaully it's hard to keep Adam off of his new bike, so I think he really wants one so he can ride all the time with his new best friend!

Unfortunately, after a day of rummaging last Friday, the boys were unsuccessful in their search. Leave it to my man to improvise though! Of course I only let them leave the driveway for a few seconds (out of fear), but it was quite clever and a lot of fun for both!

It's interesting that my 2 month old little boy is already terrifying me with his fearlessness...

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