Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm hitting a wall...

Sixteen of these... who all have MAJOR spring fever AND a case of the sillies!


A shoe full of these... literally FULL and STUCK inside - Adam had to remove my boots for me today.


Two hands that look like this... that is my wedding ring, which hasn't seen my hand for nearly 6 weeks. Did I mention, they are completely numb as well? That's right, I can't feel anything!


This... my best friend said it was ok, honest.

Did I mention I HATE wine? I'll plug my nose and take a sip (hopefully I can get a few gulps down). Apparently you can drink a glass from time to time - at this point I'm desperate and am willing to put my child in danger. Don't tell anyone! I am a good mother, I really am...

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