Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Showers!

Let it rain! The Geurts' have been one blessed family over the last week - we've had 3, yes 3 baby showers for our little one! Last weekend, I headed to Richland Center where I was 'showered' with gifts for Wil. I had a great time chatting with family and friends, ate some yummy food, and of course received a plethora of delightful baby gifts.

Last Tuesday, my co-workers (Jean and Nicole) surprised me with an intimate shower at our favorite Verona cafe where we visited, had plenty of laughs and once again... enjoyed a gift-opening session. I am one lucky first grade teacher with amazing work friends.

This weekend, Adam and I traveled up north to DePere where Adam's Mom had planned yet another adorable shin-dig full of baby surprises.

As of now, our house feels like one fit for a baby! We have just about everything we need... and then some! It's starting to feel much more real as I look into Wil's closet and see it stuffed full of adorable clothes. Or when I get a towel from my linen closet and see a stack of baby wash clothes and hooded towels. Or when I watch my husband wrestle a baby sling that he plans to use at the dog park that doen't quite fit his Daddy frame. Bring on the baby... we're ready!

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  1. I think possibly the cutest thing ever is a man with a baby bjorn! Patrick loves ours.