Friday, March 26, 2010

Snuggle Time

So Wil takes many, many naps throughout the day and prefers to party like a rockstar at night. These bad habits have of course kept Adam and I up every hour from 10pm-2am nightly. However, we've established this magical time of the day when Wil is quite content and loveable (not like he's not cuddled every waking moment of the day, but this time is extra special). Right after dinner time he is in and out of sleep and loves to look around and coo. I just can't put him down during this time... this is usually what we look like...

Other times of the day look like this...

Wil sits back and looks around, big, blue eyes wide open, slowly taking everthing in. Then, within an instant, he completely passes out. Does he suffer from narcolepsy? It's the funniest thing!

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