Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bath Time = NO FUN Time... Unless you're the Mommy!

Wil had his first bath yesterday morning. I guess it was a Mommy thing - I just couldn't resist. Adam thought I was being a bit rediculous and questioned how dirty he could really be. I explained I just wanted to do it and smell that great baby smell that only Mommies love... of course, he helped (like he always does) and he thought it was quite cute too!

Wil, on the other hand, did not think it was at all enjoyable. He's a lot like his brother Gravel when it comes to a bath... "yuck"! The bath itself took a mere 2-3 minutes and consisted of Adam and I rushing like crazy people to just get it over with! At the last moment (when shear terror set in for Wil) I yelled, "oh no, we forgot the camera - quick get it!" This picture summarizes the overall mood of the activity...

I guess I was the only one to vast in its greatness - bath time is the best!

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