Monday, October 5, 2009

So, my Mom says it's time... the 15 week picture.

I must admit, I was a little nervous about posting pictures of my growing belly on my sacred blog. My Mom encouraged me that it was time - apparently I'm beginning to POP! I could've told you that! I feel bigger every day! I know it's normal and all; of course we want our baby to grow. But, I feel like I might be the biggest 15- week-pregnant-lady ever to live. One of my dearest friends who just had her second baby (Congratulations Betsy, Patrick and Big Sister Katelyn) wasn't this big until week 20... or maybe even later. I know, I know, everyone is different and I will suck it up! It will be fun to watch I'm sure. I couldn't wait for my friends to post their latest belly pics! I will try to post every week so that we can see the progress. If I continue like this though, I may be pushing 300 when it's all said and done... just kidding :) The Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunt and Uncle will appreciate it for sure.

On a sweeter and more adorable note... here's the first baby gift we ever received, little slippers for when Baby Geurts arrives. Look how small they are compared to Daddy's hand! I can't believe that soon enough, we'll have two little feet to put in these little slips...


  1. Those little booties are so darn cute ... they even match daddy's!!! Who did you get those from and where did they find them? I'm so excited to meet my little niece or nephew! Take care momma! See you soon!

  2. Momma you look great:) The little slippers are so adorable. Can't wait for the Bundle of Joy to arrive. It will be so exciting! Take care of yourself and baby. See you in a couple of weeks. Grandma G