Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I may have already told you, but Adam and I spend a lot of time working on our house - painting, decorating, organizing, etc. It seems like the work never ends... it also seems like my husband continually adds more and more to our list. Anyways, I thought I'd provide you with an example.
First, let me prephase with this. Adam painted our garage floor a few weekends ago. OK, ok... it's not really paint, it's called EPOXI (I think) apparently it's super-great for your garage floor - to me, it's rather strange! However, like usual, Adam (and I) were very pleased with the outcome. You can imagine my surprise though when early, early one Saturday morning, I open my garage door to find this:

Adam is using the Swifter Wet Jet on the garage floor! Gravel was also a bit perplexed.

Now, this isn't THAT strange. Adam is known for using the Shop-Vac on the garage floor quite often. He also hangs scented trees around the garage for a lovely, woodsy aroma. EVERYTHING in the garage is organized like a fully-stocked Fleet Farm shelf as well.

I wanted to share this pic for one reason - to show all of you what a new house means to us! I must admit, I love this about Adam. He does everything perfectly! He's always so proud of his work too. He takes such good care of me... even down to the garage floor! What a guy! I am one lucky girl!

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