Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Movement or Gas Bubble? That is the question!

So my doctor asked me at my 4 month check up if I had felt any fetal movement. "Fetal movement," I asked, in a slight panic, "I don't know... should I be?" She responded, in her relaxed monotone voice that makes me crazy, "well, not necessarily, but some women (particularly those who have been pregnant before) begin to feel the baby move as early as 16 weeks... So, this is something you can begin to look forward to". Look forward to or become thouroughly obsessed with? That's what I was wondering.

Like all things related to this pregnancy, I've learned that this is something I can't worry about. IT will happen when it happens! Well... I think it has! I THINK, that is. I never have had a 6 inch person inside my belly before, so nothing is for sure right now. But, last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance, I felt something strange. If I had to describe it, I would say it felt like someone blew a bubble in there. "Hmm, that was strange," I thought. But then I felt it again, and again... like 6 different times at least! I ran upstairs to tell Adam the news! I expained that it felt like a bubble in my stomach to which he responded, "are you sure you don't have to fart?" I thought for a moment, "No. I don't actually. It's too low in my belly for that anyways."

So, that's where we're at in the fetal movement department. Possible baby, possible gas. I will, however, keep you posted if such experience happens again! I think it's the baby... I really do!

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  1. It sounds like it's going to be a girl and she will love So You Think You Can Dance as much as her mommy!!!