Sunday, October 25, 2009

18 Week Picture... a few weeks late!

OK, so I really had every intention of adding weekly belly pics to my blog, but to be honest I've just been too busy to keep up. Also, I don't feel a lot of progress being made in the growth department... which isn't necessarily a bad thing - maybe I won't reach 300 pounds after all!
So, here's the picture. It has been 3 weeks and I think you can really tell! Who knew one could look that much bigger in just 20 days...

Another interesting tidbit about 18 weeks... it officially marks the first day that I am wearing maternity jeans! YUCK! I am able to pull off wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans (ok, only 2 pairs really fit) most of the time. I also broke down and bought a pair that are a size bigger than what I normally wear and those work sometimes. However, I am noticing that these choices are quickly becoming super uncomfortable! Particularly if I do a lot of sitting. I feel like I'm placing a permanent indentation of jean waste band into my uterus!
Now for those of you who have never seen maternity jeans, let alone wore them AND for those of you that it's been a while for... let me explain. The jeans themselves are quite comfortable. Adam's friend Lance said he'd love a pair for Thanksgiving dinner! The 9 inch elastic waste band is quite expandable for nights when you'd really like to chow down. On the other hand, they are equally uncomfortable! Imagine wearing really low-waisted jeans (that have NO belt loops). I felt like I was constantly pulling them up for fear that everyone could see said elastic waste band! It was awful! I hope I'll get use to them soon - it's only going to get worse. The best part was showing them off to my closest friends - particularly the guys. All of the men in my life are quickly realizing that being pregnant is not at all sexy!

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  1. You have the teeniest most adorable bump!

    And if you really want to feel sexy, go get yourself some maternity undies.