Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping Fun!

Well, the Geurts' went camping in early August way, way, way up to Michigan - Bark River that is! It's a family tradition that I'm slowly getting use to. Not the camping so much, that's a blast, it's the truck races that are interesting. It's something I never new existed! You go to a big dirt track and watch 4x4 trucks race around and around in the mud. Surprisingly, it's pretty cool! I wasn't brave enough to take my NEW camera to the tracks (too many drunks and too much dirt), but I did get some photos of our camping. I know it was Michigan, but notice what we're wearing in August! Wow!
The loooong trip up north! We look tired, but Gravel is totally excited. He loves camping, especially if he can swim in the lake! You may be asking yourself, "what is that big red scab on your dog's nose?" Well, Gravel is very smart - he can do lots of tricks and is a great listener. However, he's quite curious (and a little dumb) and finds himself in situations where he often gets hurt, usually it's the big nose that gets the beating. He's wacked it on small windmills at Grandma Geurts', bonked it on corners of counters, doors, and car bumpers, but this particular time, he got slugged by a large walkway paver as Adam was laying it on the ground (he was making our walkway). Just another day in the life of our dog!

The highlight of the camping trip was a toy that Adam's cousin Chad (pictured) is known for making... a sand digger! All of the boys took turns and dug in the sand. Notice Lake Michigan behind them... and notice my dog is absolutely soaked. He loved racing toward the water and diving in!

While we ventured off to the races, Gravel and his best friend aka his cousin Harley (Kayla's puggle) were left behind in their kennels. They look sad, but they were absolutely exhausted.

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