Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mask of Zorro!

This was a good one.
It took the boys all day to complete: paint then glue some accessories.
I added the sparkle pipe cleaners for some fabulousity! 
Major fun!
When I think about how much my son loves a "project", I am reminded how much he is like his father. He is obsessed with working at the art table. He could sit there all day and is so focused on the task. He loves markers, "dotters", glue and anything that sparkles. He squeels everytime I tell him we're doing a 'project'. I love this!

Disclaimer: I just re-read this last section... let me clarify. Adam does not do art projects, nor does he love art supplies, particularly "anything that sparkles". He does, however, enjoy projects ~ cleaning, organizing, building things, repairing things, etc. Am I making sense? I guess I'm comparing their ability to focus on one task at hand, while I, on the other hand, struggle with only one thing to do. I'm always moving on to the next thing before I've finished the first. So... that's why he reminds me of his Dad when sitting at that little table. Aaah, I'm feeling better to have clarified ALL of that!

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  1. The mask are awesome!! I think it is so great what you do with the boys, all the different projects to keep there little minds thinking.
    They have one great teacher!!