Sunday, January 15, 2012

Basement Bliss

As most of you know, I am officially a stay-at-home Mom! Super fun, but sometimes I worry that my child is not getting ALL he needs. You know, the oh so important socialization with other children, consistent routines, and someone other than Mommy to listen to, which he would be getting at daycare/preschool. So, I try to force myself to reflect back on my past life as a preschool teacher to provide him with more than I usually want to (mostly due to lack of motivation).

So, I created... the basement.

I swore I wanted to re-finish our yucky basement this winter. "I NEED to", I pleaded with Adam. "I cannnot deal with all of these toys upstairs and I certainly cannot deal with this nasty basement for hours at a time."

As usual, Adam was willing to give me whatever I wanted; but I decided to try it out after I brought 7 years worth of teaching supplies into my basement and started organizing it into a simple preschool-like environment. I started to really like this space. It was perfect for Wil and his buddies that visit two days a week for daycare.

Added bonuses: Adam STILL has his workbench, we have plenty of storage space, we have concrete floors for bike-riding and messy art projects mixed with compfy carpeted areas. I'm loving this space! Maybe I won't refinish it after all. The best part ~ my kid goes down to play all by himself everyday!

Here are some pictures of The Geurts' Family Preschool...

This is generally none as the "crazy carpet". We've got blocks, cars, trucks and more. Within 15 minutes all of these toys are off of their shelves and spred all over this carpet space!
 Train table and dramatic play area.
We do many projects at that little blue table too.
Did you have that same table when you were little? 
More of a "gross motor" space. Slide, pony and tent!
All of these see a lot of action!
Quiet carpet: books, puzzles and games.
Notice my MASSIVE shelves in the background!
 Another view of the "crazy carpet". Our bikes are parked. Notice the three posters on the right ~ much needed clean-up posters. You clean up - you get a sticker! Why does this incentive work for everyone but MY child. Oh well. Such is life as a stay-at-home Mom.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. Don't tell Adam, but my secret dream is to open my very own preschool. Real preschool. Not daycare. In a fabulous building. Not my basement. Super fun!!
Maybe someday... until then, my child will be entertained.


  1. Love this...can I send my children to "Stefani's Preschool?"

  2. Ha! Very fun, Pammie. I was hoping to send my kids to you when you're a stay at home mom!!! Get on that, would ya!?! :)