Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas: Re-visited

It seems like this week has flown by, but yet it feels like Christmas was forever ago. Regardless, I've realized that I haven't posted any pics from our festivities. We had an amazing Christmas weekend full of family love and wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Here are some shots from along the way:
Waiting for presents at Grandma & Grandpa Fontana's.
He wanted to open them so bad, but enjoyed organizing them under the tree too.

 Wil's "pile". Unbelievable.
 Remote Control Car!!!
 New recliner from Uncle Tony. AKA: Uncle Nino.
 A fabulous new train table from Grandma & Grandpa Geurts.
This was the first gift to be built when we got back home!
Mommy's best gift ~ her new I-Pad!!
Wil loves to play it too.
We found him a super fun app ~ piano for babies!
He loves to hit the keys & listen to the animals that sing.
We practice our colors too. Super Cool!!!


  1. Once again, having serious IPad jealousy! Looks like you and Wil won't be bored for a looong time! Happy New Year Guerts Fam!

  2. Love the recliner! Now he can sit back and relax while watching the Packers!