Friday, February 10, 2012

Sometimes it takes a while...

to capture the perfect picture. This post was originally going to involve one picture depicting how much we enjoy play-doh around here. Instead, I ended up with these:

Wil, show Mommy how you play play-doh!
(Drunk look). Ok. No.
 No need to pose, bud.
 Yep. There you go. Just keep playing.
Shucks. Maybe I do want to see your face.
 Cheese, Wil.
Crap! Drunk look again.
 Can you tell he wants me to get over it.
I'm sorry little boy.
 Ok. Cute. Wait, maybe not.
It looks a little forced.
 Ok. This is just silly.
 Ok. Stop Wil. Now you look creepy.
(Can you tell he wants me to quite. He's trying his best smile).
 You're so freakin' cute.
I'm sorry I'm so annoying, son.
One play-doh picture turned into some pretty fun shots.
Speaking of 'shots'... my son may need one after this!

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