Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Foods - A Confession

Wil has been trying some new foods lately. I've become obsessed with letting him try "real people" food. Of course, he loves any kind of cracker he can nibble on. He also loves pieces of banana, pear & peach. He loves Cheerios, yogurt, and regular ol' applesauce too.

I must confess, however, that I've been tempted lately to give my child not-so-good-for-him-rather-unhealthy-really-fast-foodish-kinds-of-things. You know, things like pieces of french fries from ANY restaurant we're at, pieces of fettuccine from Olive Garden, left-over Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (at least it's the 'good' kind) and I even let him munch on a whole pickle once (ok, not incredibly horrible for him, but you get the picture).

Last night, while searching in my pantry for something new for my little man, (not like I didn't have 25 actual Gerber Baby food options) I found.... wait for it.... Spaghettios! Yes. It's true. And I thought to myself. Yum! Who bought these & why didn't I find them earlier? So, we ate some!
The GREAT thing is... Wil loves all of this! It's like, anything I give him to try, he's like, "yes Mom! This looks delicious. Besides, I get to do it all by myself & I get to be VERY messy while doing so"!

I just re-read my post & am feeling guilty to have confessed. Do you ever give your kid horrible foods? Yikes!


  1. Those foods aren't horrible for Wil, look at it as being a learning exercise for him. I think every mom has given there children spaghettios and french fries. Wil's like his dad. He likes to eat:)

  2. all the time, miss stefani. all the time. i used to be a bit of a purist but i gave in. way to come clean! :)

  3. Hey I think Wil will be just fine. I remember the Brunson twins being shoveled Spaghettios out of one big bowl. A bite to one then a bite to the other! And we all know they turned out alright. Of course I never fed my kids that junk but I am always thinking "healthy". (Yeh right!) You are just teaching Wil to enjoy eating his food as much as the rest of us.