Sunday, January 16, 2011

Try this...

Mr. Boy-who-is-currently-getting-two-more-teeth-at-the-same-time!
Mmmmm, tangerine-flavored popsicle! Is this ok? It's sugar-free (no. it's not) AND he only had a few sucks (no.more than that). Can a baby get a brain freeze? Oh no. Now I've gone and worried myself. Being a Mommy is tricky. I am raising this real-life person. I don't want him to have developmental delays due to a brain freeze at 10 months of age. Mom. Debbie. Betsy. Lana. Clearly, I need you. You've all done this, right?!?! And when it's 9 degrees out, right?!?!


  1. The popsicle is great for teething. I gave my kids pretty much anything cold to chew on when they were teething. It looks like Wil is enjoying it too:) As far as the brain freeze, I wouldn't worry about it. How was Wil when you took it away? I'm sure he wanted more.

  2. i often wonder the same thing when i give them smoothies! i hope we aren't freezing their brains!!

  3. I think it's a great idea and wonder why we didn't think of that sooner! I'm sure a popsicle once in a while won't hurt him. He is big enough to try some new things now. And a mommy only tries to make her children feel better and happy. By the looks of Wil he loves it. Don't worry about what any one else thinks-you love him so much and need to just trust your own instincts. That's what I did and you turned out o.k. (Well pretty much)

  4. Your blog is SOO SOO ADORABLE...just wanted to point that out :)