Friday, January 21, 2011

Surgery... eek!

Did you know Wil has had 5 ear infections since August? Maybe not because like most things in life, they really didn't phase him. But after finally being referred to an Ear, Nose & Throat doc a few months ago, she decided to put in tubes. So, last Tuesday we visited the UW Children's Hospital (FABULOUS) to have the procedure done.

Here's Wil waiting patiently in his baby crib/hospital bed.
He was so good! We talked, rocked, played in the play room and after apparently feeling a little bored, Wil simply laid down in this bed and started to doze off. Just then, his doctor came in and Wil and I walked to the O.R. I thought I would be tough, but seeing my 10 month old's lip quiver from fear and watching him be 'put under' was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. 

The surgery went well; it only took 15 minutes! We were sent home with ear drops and Tylenol and after a stay home day with Mama, Wil's back to his old self again. I just hope these tubes work! 


  1. You are one tough cookie! I am a puddle before the big blood draw check-up at 12 months! I hope everything continues smoothly!

  2. I second Betsy's tough cookie! You, too Stephanie. Glad to hear he is back to his old self.Lana

  3. What a brave boy and mommy! Im happy to hear it all went well.