Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Boy...

Ch-Ch-Changes! I've decided now is as good a time as any to make the switch from baby room (crib) to big boy room (toddler bed) for my boy. I debated for weeks about when to make the switch, knowing that BEFORE his brother comes and simultaneously takes over his life would probably be the best idea.

So... my dad came. We painted ~ blue (and I mean BLUE). We moved furniture in and out, hung adorable 'boy' artwork, and made sure everything was perfect. I'm insane, just ask my husband, but I really wanted to make sure this new space was special for Wil... did I mention he's sharing it with his brother?!?

Here's the final product - ADORABLE, I think!

Of course, I was terrified to place my child in that big boy bed. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to cry. He's just too small, right?!? Adam thought he'd be fine. After we took apart the crib to move it, Adam actually prepared it for the baby... you know, with the matress up nice and high. I asked Adam what we were going to do if Wil was miserable and wanted his bed back, to which Adam responded, "he'll have to deal. I'm not taking this crib apart again, unless it's to sell it".

So, there you go. My baby was moving to this big boy bed whether WE liked it or not.

The first night I snuggled him all in. We read 5 stories. I turned out the light and turned ON his new blue car nightlight. I shut the door and brought the baby monitor to the living room with me (I haven't used that thing for a good year). I listened, certain I would hear crying or the dreaded "Mommyyyyyy".

Instead we heard singing, stories being read, talking, some banging (I later learned to remove EVERYTHING that is so adorably placed on his dresser out of arms length). And then... nothing. "Do you think he's sleeping", I asked Adam. "Yep. Sounds like it", he replied.

So I creeped up the stairs and sure enough, there he was... sleeping with a book and a sippy cup in his little hand. He slept the entire night. His normal 11 hours (yes, my son rocks). He never tried to get out (I have him convinced that he'll get an owie if he tries). He never made a sound.

The next morning, I was woke by the baby monitor by more singing, talking and banging.
I found this:
Just my baby. Sitting in his bed. Reading books. "Hi", he said as I came in.
"Wil. I love you", I thought!


  1. The room is adorable!! Our little boy is growing up so,so fast. He is a real trooper. Wil is going to be an awesome Big Brother!!

  2. COME TO MY HOUSE. COME NOW. My daughter took 100 million nights of crying, laying by the door and sleeping on the floor before she accepted her new bed. I'm still too shell shocked to take Nicholas out of his crib and he's 6 months older than Katelyn was.
    What a sweet boy your little Wil is!

  3. Oh Dearest Betsy,
    He may be a sweet sleeper, but he's not always so sweet! ;) Just moments ago he came up to me, looked right into my eyes, said "Hi Momma" and slapped me across the face. Full-on slap. No reason. Totally intentional. He then walked away. I didn't even have time to respond. Ahh, the joys...

  4. hahhaahahahahahh! (i can laugh because it's not my kid:))

  5. loved reading this little story. so sweet it made me cry. love being a mommy too!