Thursday, November 10, 2011

Painting Projects!

I've decided to start caring for a couple of little boys in the neighborhood part-time. Mostly because I love each of them, but also because I know it's important for Wil to be around other kiddos. He's learning to share his time with his Mommy, which will be a requirement soon enough.

One of Wil's new favorite things to do is PAINT, which I will admit, NEVER happened before I had other peoples' children in my home.
Here's why:

1.) It's messy & I cannot seem to keep up with my little man.

2.) My son eats everything. Everything.
 Do you see those streaks of yellow on the table? I think Wil assumed it was "dippy" because he just kept sticking his little finger in it and licking it up! Yuck!

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