Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Wil Weekend!

Last weekend, we took Wil to "Discover the Dinosaurs" at the Alliant Energy Center. Super expensive! Not very cool (in my opinion), but then there was this:
Every reason in the world to spend all that money!
My little boy was shocked, completely mesmerized and only a little bit terrified.
We told Wil to enjoy every minute of it because next year he'll be 2, which means 8 more bucks for us, which also means we won't be going. All your $6 parking pass and $12 addmission got you was the ability to see about 20 pretend dinos. If you wanted to play in the bouncy houses, play a round of mini-golf, work at a craft station, or say, get your face painted it was EXTRA. What, extra?!? It's true. Again, this was worth it.
After we had seen all of the dinosaurs (fifteen minutes after arriving) I was getting a little nervous. What else could we do? Luckily we were able to keep Wil away from all of the fun EXTRAS, so he was clueless about what he was truly missing. Then, in the back of the 'room' I saw it. It was sent to me just as panic was setting in. A toddler area complete with small, kid-friendly, climb-able dinosaurs. "Do you think that's free", I asked Adam. "Looks like it," he responded. "Hurry! Let's do it!!!"
Phew! Score!
He does look a little nervous though.
Don't worry, Wil. These ones don't move and growl.

On Sunday, we were happy to learn about the Holiday Train Parade at Olbrich Gardens. Only $3 and TONS of trains for Wil to watch. Gotta love how excited he is! We spent WAAAAY less money & Wil had just as much fun.
I was reminded that a one year old really isn't that demanding. All he needs is something fun to see and some Mommy & Daddy time!

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  1. I am sure Wil just loved hangin out with Mommy & Daddy. You both are so good about taking him places where he can explore and learn. He is an amazing little guy isn't he?