Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St. Nick Via UPS

Did you know St. Nick sends stockings via UPS? It's true! It's a very exciting time in the Geurts household. This year Wil got to experience the joy of Mr. St. Nick!

You can tell by the look on his face - Wil is thrilled! His first stocking. What's the first thing he spots?!? A new digger truck! He's such a boy. How do they know at only 8 months old to drive their trucks back and forth, back and forth?!?

St. Nick also sent this little, festive number. We LOVE new clothes!

Just another shot of the toofers. Only because I love them!
Yep. Two of 'em!

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  1. Love the pictures. Remember a Boy can never have too many TOYS! Hugs and kisses to Wil!!