Tuesday, October 26, 2010

J/K... LOL! (Just for you Kayla)

Every night, Wil goes to sleep around 7:00. He's such a trooper. Bedtime is heaven, really. We eat dinner, play, have a fun bath & then hit the sack (yes, it's pretty much my bedtime too). Most nights, I lay Wil down & he instantly snuggles his blanket and sucks his Nonnie... most nights. Some nights, although few and far between, WIL SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER. For no apparent reason at all.

Now, on these nights my Mommy-mode kicks into high gear. "Let him cry", I tell myself. "He has to learn to settle himself down!" "LET HIM CRY!" "I will let him cry." Ooooh, it's just so hard.

Sometimes Adam buckles & heads up the flight of stairs to Wil's room. But, and here's the but... everytime I shamefully head for the stairs and reach the top, I find this:
Why does he do this to me? I think he's faking. I really do. I think he's faking and secretly laughing at me.

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