Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day at the Farm!

Adam and I decided to take Wil to a pumpkin patch today, although we weren't really in the mood - it was 85 degrees! Who wants to go for a hay ride, pick out pumpkins and drink warm apple cider when it's that HOT outside?!?
 We visited a pumpkin "farm" only a few miles from our house and were pleasantly surprised that it was actually more 'farm' than 'patch'. It had pleny of photo opps for me too! What else can a 6 month old do at a farm other than let his Mom take millions of pictures of him?!?!
Here's Wil meeting the goats...

and the donkey!
We tried to stay for a while, but got bored rather quickly. We ventured on home to spend the rest of the afternoon in our shaddy, backyard. We had a great time together!
Wil is getting more and more fun each day. He giggles, explores EVERYTHING (grass is his latest obsession), and loves to be around his Mom and Dad. He's also getting a bit of a temper. There. I said it. I'm finding it shocking, but true. He screams if he wants "up" or if you take a toy away from him (particularly his cup in the bath tub when it's time to rinse his hair). He also arches his back when he's tired. As if to say, "enough already. PUT ME DOWN!" I guess it's a good thing. I can tell he's starting to become his own person. I just hope he remembers who's in charge... ME! :)

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