Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swing Sanctuary

As I may have previously stated, our little man enjoys sleeping through the day, which means Adam and I have tried many, many different strategies to get him to sleep during the night. We've done it all - Wil sleeps with us, Wil gets rolled extra snug in his blankies, Wil wears a hat to bed, we turned up the heat in the house... some things worked - sometimes.

I think we may have figured it out though... knock on wood - THE SWING!
Wil has been LOVING his swing! Maybe it's the snugness, maybe it's the motion (which turns off after 10 minutes), maybe it's the light-up-underwater-scene he can watch in the middle of the night. Whatever it is, we're going with it! Last night Wil actually slept from 12:00-3:45! Woohoo! It's amazing how wonderful you can feel after nearly 4 FULL HOURS of sleep!


  1. Hi Stefani,
    Thanks for sharing your blog. I love seeing the pictures of Wil, he is such a cutie. Glad you are getting the sleeping thing figured out, Ben slept in his car seat, in his crib for 3 months. You have to do what works.

    Enjoy, what a fun time.
    Jenny Bradley

  2. That's great advice girl! We've learned to just do what works best. I'm glad you were able to check out my blog. I love it! I hope to stop by next week to see the kiddos. I sure do miss them. :( I'm just waiting to hear from Mrs. Weaver on the best day to join them, so let Ben know he'll meet Wil some time next week!