Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Finds!

So Wil and I have a lot of time to spend together these days. Sometimes I'm able to get a lot done, other days it seems like Wil won't let me put him down. After a full morning of snuggling, I decided I really needed to get to the laundry, "Wil, you're on your own". My little man refused all that I tried though - NO bouncie seat, NO swing (shocking), NO sitting in his carseat to look outside. So, I decided to get out the big guns - the baby backpack! I was sure Wil was too small for it, but I was desparate. After some intense planning, I was able to squeeze Wil in (with blankets placed strategically around him, which helped hold the runt in). Much to my surprise, he LOVED it! We walked around for nearly 1 hour in this thing and of course I couldn't resist a picture! The best part: I got lots done - laundry AND the dishes! Wil actually fell asleep in it too!


  1. What a cute little face! I miss our new little boy. Can't wait to see him this weekend. give him a big hug and kiss from popa and me

  2. 1. you look awesome
    2. what a little sweetie pie!