Friday, April 2, 2010

Projects, projects... all the time!

So, Wil and I have been lucky enough to have Adam home from work for the last two full weeks! I don't think he's had this much time off in over 3 years! Much to my surprise, he hasn't been too stir-crazy. He's enjoyed snuggling with Wil, changing diapers, late-night feedings, and day trips to the store.

I was waiting, however, for the 'project spark' to light - and it has! Adam spent two days this week (probably because he loves to do hard labor in the nice weather) in the backyard preparing for the deck we plan to build this month. The tasks included digging 5, 4 foot deep holes in the ground, filling said holes with cement, and then completing the filling with some kind of sand material. As usual, I watched from affair, basking in the greatness of a hard-workin' husband! I tell ya, he can build just about anything! Spring has sprung for the Geurts'... who knows what we'll be working on next?!?!

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