Friday, June 28, 2013


You've started your first organized, team sport Wil and you love it!
We signed you up for Blastball (think T-ball, but even LESS intense) with the De Forest Parks & Rec Program this summer. It's a five week session that meets on Thursday nights. We weren't sure how you'd take to baseball; you have a "T" at home, along with some balls and bats that you play with from time to time, but we weren't sure if you'd be interested in "playing".
Would you listen to your coach?
Would you tackle your teammates when chasing after the ball?
Would you take turns?
Would you pay attention or sit down and play with grass or (God forbid) pick your nose?
Would you be focused long enough to practice and then 'play a game'?
Those were the things I was worried about! But, I must admit, I was shocked with how well you've done and are continuing to do each and every week. Now, let me be truthful... You don't always listen to your coach (who you call your teacher) and just last night you got head-butted by a bigger teammate as you chased after the ball and you need reminders to let others have a turn and you DO pick the grass and your nose, and you get "bored" way too soon, but you are only 3 (after all) and every other kid does these things too.
Here are some fun pictures from your first week!
Daddy was a huge help! There's only 6 kids on your team, but there are generally 6 Daddies out in the field helping the "Daddy Volunteer Coach" as well. Three year olds are tricky!

 Blastball involves hitting the ball off of the "T"...

 and then running to ONE base before the other team 'catches' the ball and hollers "BLASTBALL"!
Totally pumped and proud!
He actually likes it when we cheer for him!
Here's your team in the "outfield"...
 all lined up behind the "rope" ready to run after the ball once it's hit. This part is tricky for you because your coach encourages everyone to take turns catching the ball and yelling "BLASTBALL". You're quite competitive, we've learned, but in a really positive, I just really want to play, sort of way.
 No need to box out, son.
 Also... I was surprised with how small you are compared to the other kids on your team!
 Your Dad's been trying to teach you what it means to be a "good sport". Here you're waiting to bat and cheering on a friend. So cute!
Great work, Buddy!


  1. Cute...I think he needs a bigger shirt ;)

  2. Can I play blastball? That seems like a game I'd be pretty good at.
    Seriously-what an awesome intro to baseball for little ones!