Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Busy Boys

Wil, Jayce and I have enjoyed our first full week together as a threesome. Daddy's been at work and no grandmas have been around to help. I must admit, I was a bit nervous, but I'll also admit, we did great! I guess I really CAN do it!

Wil keeps me super busy while he...

builds things with his Daddy's supply of wood...

plays in his sandbox...

and flies his new kite with Daddy!

Jayce, on the other hand, does this...

and then we attempt some tummy time...
which turns into this:

Even with a change of scenery, Jayce looks around for a bit, cries for a bit,
and then... this.

Not bad at all.
Just wish I could join him!!


  1. What precious pictures! Love how much Jayce sleeps! Could Wil be any more of a BOY!! Love how busy he is!
    Happy Easter! Love, The Finnegans

  2. Luv the new picts! Sleep is a good thing. He needs to catch up after all he has been thru. Hope you are getting some rest. Have a happy holiday!