Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Wil

You are two! How is this possible?!? We celebrated YOU last Sunday, March 25. We had a fishie party because you're really into fish these days. Here are the cupcakes I made you... I tried to be Super-Mom (and grandma tried to be super-Nama) by making these a few days early and freezing them. They were cute until the M&M's started to melt when I took them out of the freezer. Then the fish started looking like blobs. Colorful blobs, at least. There is NO reason for me to be confessing this to you, but darn, we tried so hard.
We decorated, of course!
Those streamers are suppose to be waves.
You said, "oh wow" when you noticed them.
All of your grandparents came. Uncle Nino and Auntie Ala came too. You got to invite one friend... you chose your BFF Bronson, of course. Thank goodness you two are such great friends because Bronson's Mommy is my best friend... funny how that works out!

You got an obnoxious amount of fabulous gifts: baseball gear, a new kite, a bubble lawn mower, a new picnic table for the deck, a beautiful hand-crafted wooden rocking chair from Grandpa Fontana (Bumpa), new clothes, books, summer beach gear, and a whole lot more!

Your Grandpa Geurts (Poppa) made you a sandbox. You helped Daddy and Poppa build it.
You loved it immediately. Hopefully this will keep you in one place this summer!
You also got a brand-new, big boy bike from your Uncle Nino.
Every boy needs a bike for his second birthday, right ?!
You even blew out your candle all by yourself this year.
Is it normal that this makes me want to cry. How did you get so big?
What a difference a year makes!
But, I will admit, I think your most favorite present this year has to be your little brother. I honestly cannot believe how much you adore him. Just a secret between you and me... I thought you'd be a wreck upon his arrival. You know, melt-down city, totally jealous. I didn't think you'd allow me or your Dad to ever hold him. But, nope. You think he's great!
You are by far, the COOLEST 2 year old I've ever known. The coolest kid I've ever known. You make me laugh out loud everyday. I could sit and stare at you all day too. You are just so amazing!!
I love you, Wilby!!!


  1. So sweet, Happy Birthday little guy! Love those cupcakes, very impressed! And both of your boys are just too darling for words : )

  2. Happy Birthday, Wil!! Stefani, it seems like just yesterday you had just found out you were pregnant...boy, does time fly!

  3. Happy Birthday, Wil!! You are cute beyond words!! Congratulations on scoring all the cool toys and stuff. The sandbox is awesome. Poppa and Daddy did a great job. Help mom take good care of Jayce! Hope to see you all soon! Love, Crazy Aunt Sara

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Wil!! Can't believe you are getting so big. You sure had a fun birthday party with all your Grandmas and Grandpas, Uncle Nino and Aunt Ala and your old friend Bronson. But I think you got the coolest, and most amazing present a 2 year old could get-a new little brother! I knew I would love you a lot Wil but never imagined it would be this much. We are so blessed to have you and Jayce Wilby and look forward to celebrating all the fabulous birthdays to come! All my love to the 4 of you and lots and lots of Grandma kisses! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!Nama and Bumpa

  5. I just took a closer look at your birthday decorations...is that a Karo Syrup Jellyfish hanging from your kitchen chandelier? Is that from ORNS or do you actually let Wil paint with Karo Syrup in your house?!?! What a lucky kid!

  6. HaHaHa!! Yes, Pammie! That would be a jellyfish hanging from our light. Wil made it himself, using glue mixed with red water color. We studied an "Under the Sea" mini-unit. I have to take advantage of all of those darn lesson plans I have from ORNS! Wil LOVES a project. He needs to go to preschool because I can't keep up! :)