Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hard Day at the Track

Last weekend, Wil got to go with his Daddy to build the outdoor RC race track. He was thrilled; as was I (it's amazing how easy it is to take care of only one child at a time)! Apparently, Wil was a trooper. He helped haul the dirt to make the jumps and brought his own dump truck to try the course out after its completion. Needless to say... he had no nap that afternoon and fell asleep on the way home (not before a quick stop at McDonald's).
Notice the LARGE fry, which he enjoyed after his double cheeseburger.
Here's a close-up. Bath night for sure.
 Yep. Dirt IN his nose. Gross!


  1. HAHAHA...this post made me laugh out loud! Too cute!