Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Buddy

Wil has been loving having his little brother home. He wants to hold him and carry him around and kiss him all over. Needless to say, my full-time job has become locating Wil at all times, but I just can't keep them apart because Wil thinks he's oh, so great. This surprises me because Jayce is mighty boring these days! Here they are during "Tummy Time". Wil joins him daily for this activity and wonders why Jayce won't play. Soon, Wil. Soon you will be able to play with this little man. Until then, you seem quite content with just staring at him and smiling. (And playing with his toys).
Here's another great pic. Just some more snuggle time between the two of them.
Wil wants to 'hold' him constantly.
Wil you inspire me. You inspire me each and every day. It's amazing where you can find strength in times of uncertainty. I find it in my 2 year old constantly. When it comes to Jayce, Wil feels no fear, only love. He has no feelings of anguish or frustration or terror or hopelessness. Only love. Pure, undeniable love. I think of this love often, particularly if I'm feeling mad or scared or sorry for myself and it reminds me that Jayce is ours and that I will love him. That I can love him. That it is safe to love him and surprisingly natural. I have a feeling that my first born, my first love, will continue to inspire me in the coming years.

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