Monday, February 20, 2012

The Circus!

The Zor Shrine Circus came to town this weekend. We HAD to go! Wil had a great time, although I don't remember the circus lasting over 3 hours!

We arrived 45 minutes early to snag some good general admission seats.
Front row... score!

We got to watch the elephant and pony rides.
 We had LOTS of snacks while we waited for the show to start.
 These "wild" horsies were one of Wil's favorites!
 And this elephant, of course. He was amazing!
 Wil enjoying more food. A giant slice of pizza!
The best part of the entire circus... by far! The stunt motorcycles. They just kept adding more and more bikes to this "ball". Wil was absolutely astonished! Then they started jumping off of huge ramps across the entire collesium. It was pretty cool.
 We had a great time, but we were pooped by the time we got home.
Did I mention it was a 3 hour show?!?
Good times!


  1. What a lucky little boy! You guys have so much fun with him. Don't you just love him sooooo much? I do.

  2. Oh sooo much fun!! Looks like everyone enjoyed it!!