Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Today is March 20, Wil's FIRST Birthday! It's also the first day of Spring!!! However, it rained cats and dogs all day long. :(  We wanted to do something special with Wil today, so we decided to visit the Children's Museum. We had a lot of fun! I was impressed with how many things Wil could explore. Pretty amazing place! Check out some of our pictures!! Sorry. I was excited, so there are a lot! :)
Wil explored some musical instruments. I think he's going to be a percussionist, like his Momma!

He also had fun playing with blocks.
 Daddy tried to teach him how to sort the blocks. It was tricky!
More building! Well, actually we just placed the blocks from one bin to another, but it was still fun!

Painting the Museum windows with Mom!

Driving a car. Super cool!!

Wil's most favorite part of the day was BY FAR the water table. We played there twice! Wil loved wearing the little smock and splashing in the water. He filled the cups. He poured the cups. He tried to drink from the cups. :) It was major drama trying to get him to leave this area, but he got soaked both times!

We had a wonderful day. We hope you had fun Wilby! We love you!! 

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