Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beef: It's what's for dinner.

Tonight Adam grilled steaks. They were so yummy. Is it summer yet? Anyways. Wil had some mashed potatoes, veggies & fruit. When he finished all of this he yelled and moaned and pointed. "Would you like your sippy?" I asked. (SCREAM/POINT) "More fruit?" (SCREAM/POINT) "What does he want? He couldn't possibly still be hungry, could he?" Ugh. When will my child find his words?

"I think I know what he wants," my husband says. "Steak". I took a deep breathe while Adam cut Wil a long, delicous piece. Please don't choke. Please don't enjoy it too much. Please don't just throw it on the ground. I may have to dive after it if you do... it's just too good.

Wil took the piece of meat. He looked at it. He squeezed it. He licked it. Then... he did this:
He looks concerned, but he actually loved it! OK. So he didn't actually eat steak. He just sort of chewed on it. But, it kept him busy while I stuffed my face AND we've found something new to get us through the next few teeth that are coming in. Nice.

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