Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Weekend!

We've had an eventful weekend here at the Geurts'. First, a not so pleasant conversation with our horrible, ex-day care provider (again)...ugh! And then this...

which caused this:

The best part about our family is we try our hardest to make the tough times sweet, which is always possible because of this little man.

And his new best friend!

We try our best to limit interactions similar to the following to only once per playtime! Gravel loves Wil so much, he could just eat him up! I know the feeling doggy!
Life is still good!


  1. Wow are you a two face crazy bitch.

  2. That's my ex- DayCare provider weighing in there. I'm sure everyone can understand why I chose to go elsewhere. In the future Karen Ingalls, please do not put curse words on my family-friendly blog. Once again, please stop contacting me. Thank you.

  3. How obnoxious and unprofessional is this lady....Wow. Wil & Gravel are soo adorable dear :) Love the blog/pictures :)
    Love you
    Michelle & Ryan & Baby

  4. I think it's great that you moved Wil to a new place. He deserves the best care in the world and obviously this lady wasn't willing to give it to him. Any parent who sends their child to her daycare should be worried.

  5. Stefani, it is clear you made the right move for your son if this is the kind of behavior the former daycare provider shows...WOW! As a professional educator myself, I am completely stunned at her behavior. Never in my wildest dreams would I EVER speak to a student's parent like that, no matter what the situation. A relative of mine is a daycare provider in your town...I can't wait to find out what she says about this person and her business. I wish she'd let you move on with your life and get her own life. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. So glad Wil is SAFE and HAPPY AS CAN BE, that is all that matters in this world :) Love you and I'm always here for you!

    Nicole (and Aaron)

  6. Well, rest assured my dear. Her business will definately hurt more as a result of her immaturity than any aspect of your life will.

    I was telling this story at the spa and a couple of other women asked for her name and information because they are looking for daycare for their children and want to stay as FAR away from her as possible! Needless to say, I gave them her name so they wouldn't go anywhere near her with their children.

    I don't know why anyone in her position would think they would be in any sort of a "winning" position with the way that she is acting. I'm glad you took Wil out of there and hope no one else is unfortuneate enough to have their child in her care for any amount of time!

  7. WOW! Ridiculous and unprofessional! As a mom, I would NEVER allow my daughter remotely near that woman! Stefani, you are the most kind, amazing, caring, compassionate person and an absolutely fabulous Mom and teacher! Wil and all the kids in your life are so lucky to have you and your wise decisions! You can be proud of the fact that you will always do what is best for your son and your family. I love you, hon!!!

  8. Stefani,
    I know of your situation and feel as a previous licenced child care provider and now teacher, that it is time to contact the agency that oversees her. You have given her many chances to just wash this whole situation away, but yet she comes back. It seems that someone may be a little paranoid. I wonder what else she is hiding and lying about to parents. As a mother now, I would consider turning her in so that other parents will never have to go through this with her. I also wonder how she has time at 1:00 in the afternoon to be looking at your FAMILY FRIENDLY blog, when she had the nerve to cut your son's bottle nipples to feed him faster because she was so busy. Who knows..maybe other parents are getting smart and pulling their kids too. She will soon have PLENTY of time to facebook/blog if she keeps up this pychotic behavior. I feel better. Good night...LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  9. I cannot believe that someone who is suppose to be a professional caregiver would post such a comment and do what she did to Wil. You did the right thing by pulling him from that daycare. Personally I'd like to meet this lady and have a few choice words with her myself.

  10. I am not sure what we all should be doing in this situation. I feel so sorry for the parents of children in this providers care. Even tho the circumstances with Wil while in the care of this woman were disturbing you and
    Adam tried to change providers in a very professional manor. You paid her for 10 days even tho he attended less than 4. You did not threaten to report her to WI Daycare Licensing. She was caught doing something wrong, lied about it and for that lost your trust. Simple as that. You just needed to do what was best for your family and find loving, responsible care for your baby. At that point you probably wouldn't have given this woman another thought. Wouldn't it have been better for her business to understand you just couldn't worry about your new baby everyday? Everytime she contacts you with her unstable acts it hurts her business more and more and it varifies the decision you and Adam made to change daycare providers. Love you all.

  11. The comment that "Anonymous" wrote on 9/21/10 at 1:01 p.m. on your personal family blog was intentional and completely out of line. As a professional businessowner I am so thankful that this type of intentional slander can be traced using modern technology even if it is done "Anonymously". You can contact Google or the authorities and this person will be in quite a bit of legal trouble. You have handled this sitution as professionaly as possible. You must keep all e-mails, voice phone messages, and any other correspondence you have received. If this type of harrassment continues just let me know. I have dealt with many State agencies and will help you get this situation settled. You are a wonderful and amazing person and this is completely uncalled for. Give me a call if I can help you in anyway. Take Care, Sheila