Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A penny for your thoughts...

Wil, shortly after eating a yummy breakfast consisting of cereal and peaches.
Ok, ok, I'll give you one Mom.

Really? Can I go play yet?

Ok. I'm done. You're not getting anymore! This is rediculous!


  1. two things:
    1. he is very clean for having just ate breakfast
    2. LOVE the tshirt!

  2. Yes... he IS clean after breakfast. I had just held his head and scrubbed him ferociously (ooh, tricky to spell). He was screaming bloody murder just before that smile!

    And YES! I love vintage t's for babies! We have a couple more (thanks to Wil's Anut Kayla). :)

  3. I mean Aunt Kayla... she is a nut though! :)